Experience with Friendly Shade?

Does anyone have experience with Friendly Shade? I’m interested in the Fabric Collection but I do not know if it’s worth it if you already have all the textures of Poliigon.
Is it worth the price?

Not ever used it -

It looks expensive. The one thing it does is o0ffer textures up to 32k which is mental - big enough to print out at 109 inches square - that’s around 2.77 meters. If you’re planning to work at this scale (remember, that’s the size of the texture - chances are it won’t be filling the screen) and you have the computing power to handle that, then it may be what you need. If not, then Poliigon, Textures.com, cc0 textures, and many more may be a more useful alternative.

Best condition to give an answer. xD

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