Experienced Blender Animation Consultant With Great Style Wanted

This is a paid job offering!

We make these animations with Blender:

The animations are carefully designed to accomodate text of varying length… this has been complicated to get right!

You can see that we use these blue objects to put text on. They don’t always look perfect, because we have to make compromises… sometimes the objects accommodate short text, sometimes long text.

We don’t want to make major changes to the animations, however, we are looking for an animator to make smaller changes to make the animations more compelling, interesting, and exciting to watch.

To get you started, we would simply send you a few of these blender files, and you could make modifications and send us back preview animations… we might not accept all of your ideas, but even if we can use 50% of your ideas, that would be great…!

You must be highly skilled with Blender!

We can pay you by the hour, by the project, or whatever works for you.

If you’re interested, please send a message here:


And include some links to animations you have made…


Sent you a PM please take a look.