Experienced programmer looking for tips on how to start scripting with BGE

Im trying to formulate some sort of bootstrapper as to begin writing a game with BGE.
I want to avoid the blender GUI/Viewport as much as possible besides resource creation and review.

Im a bit confused on what exactly is supported with regards to python. (after looking through all the scattered docs with diffrent versions)

How do i make a bootstrap scripts (init.py) from a folder then starts fleshing out all the things i want it to do(moving a cube across the screen) + import other scripts.

Also classes ? Is inheritance supported, can i.e inherit from a mesh object and instantiate into runtime?

While the BGE is primarily designed around the SCA system and its GUI, it’s completely feasibly to just connect one Always sensor with True-Level triggering enabled to a single Python controller. Aside from content creation, you can then continue to develop your game almost exclusively in a programming environment.

The full Python feature set is supported by the BGE, and you can inherit the builtin classes such as KX_GameObject and KX_Scene. Someone wrote a useful guide on inheriting from KX_GameObjects here. Note that as of version 2.75 you can pass additional arguments to your init() method without problems.