Experienced Realtime 3D Studio Looking for New Clients

Who we are:

Reliable and experienced realtime 3D artist looking for work. We have 8 years of industry experience and have successfully completed various private and published projects/titles. We have references readily available upon your request.

What we do:

This artist is able to offer 3D modeling services including but not limited to:

  • Low polygon modeling
  • Sculpting and hard surface high polygon modeling
  • Baking and creation of normal, ambient occlusion, emissive, specular, and light maps
  • Character art
  • Prop art
  • Organic and inorganic modeling
  • Level design

We are also capable of creating 2D media including but not limited to:

  • GUI work

  • Menus

  • Level design

  • 2D Sprites

  • Characters

  • Props

  • Effects

  • Texturing

  • Hand painted

  • From photo sources


 We are able to work with existing reference art and have experience both researching and creating reference art. If you have an existing project that needs detail work or overhaul of previously created media we can provide.  
 For the ease of transition to animators, we are capable and willing to collaborate with existing teams and have experience in scripting, effect programming, and animation. We are  able to create rigs that deform properly and seamlessly.  

 Resolution and polygon counts can range in between the necessary requirements for anything from current gen technology to current platforms on both 3D and 2D fronts including retro and indie styles.  3D Styles can range anywhere from cartoonish to surreal to approximate photo-realism.  


We charge $15 per man hour of work on the project or offer an estimate on the final price of the project dependent on the size and complexity thereof.


  • 0 to 25 hours
  • milestone one: 30% completion | 50% payment required
  • milestone two: 100% completion | 100% payment required


  • 25 to 60 hours
  • milestone one: 30% completion | 30% payment required
  • milestone two: 60% completion | 60% payment required
  • milestone three: 100% completion | 100% payment required


  • 60 to 200 hours
  • milestone one: 20% completion | 20% payment required
  • milestone two: 40% completion | 40% payment required
  • milestone three: 60% completion | 60% payment required
  • milestone five: 80% completion | 80% payment required
  • milestone six: 100% completion | 100% payment required


  • 200+ hours
  • Estimate required


You can contact us either through personal message or via email at [email protected]