Experiences with Cycles....

Maybe I should post this in the WIP section but for me it’s finish. Just my first experience with Cycles. Still a lot to learn but loving using it.:yes:


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Another view…


I’m really liking the last image you posted

nice renders.i like the last one most.in the second image(dining table) the walls look flat,they don’t show the light gradation from window-maybe wall material exceeds 80% white?(i am remembering your interior in luxrender - it had that natural light falloff)

I think there very nice

Mr Camara, I love your renders.
They really have a very powerful atmosphere!
Would you be able to do a quick “making of” post? I would love to see the wireframe.

Camera strikes again! fabulous work!

love the designs :slight_smile:

Very good render. Everything looks nice, how many samples you used in cycles?
What was the rendering time?

Good to hear that you like Cycles ! :wink:
Nice renderings ! :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Good to here that you like Cycles too.
But, but, you almost killed such renders, using some kind of PP. I don’t like it at all.
Cycles can do much better, learn it.
I’m sure you can provide better renders, after all it’s the artist behind the tools.
I love your lux-renders, I’m sure that I love your cycles renders in the future. Personal taste matters.
Already visible in these new posts.

This looks brilliant. I’d love to see the lighting setup…

Thanks for the comments, and for the place in the feature row banner! Nether thought that my firsts try’s with Cycles will be up there. :smiley:
Like I said, I’m just getting my feet in the water with Cycles. For ilumination I used a sun lamp + HDR + emitters planes in the windows. And no glass on them it make to much noise and I’m still trying to find a good node setup to emulate architectural glass like in Lux.
@Rusted, the nice natural light falloff in Lux is not faked. Just a sun lamp and voilá, natural light. In Cycles I had to put emitter planes on the windows and adjust and tweak the strenght and falloff to get a good result. More tweaks in Cycles less in Lux, but more speed in Cycles, less in Lux.
This was also to experiment the renderfarm Renderstreet and I was very happy with the speed, easy of use and pricing. I recomend the use of it.
The images had 3000 samples and render in about 45 minutes. It´s a difilcult scene and this time for me is very good.
@michalis, I always PP my images like any potograper PP their photos. Maybe too much this time, but I was experimenting.
@ejnaren, I had a lot of request to do a tutorial or making of especily of my JLA House, maybe if I can make the time, II will put together some info about my workflow.
Here are some wireframe, solid view and a raw image before PP.


raw image without edit


Oh, is this without PP?
Something goes definitely wrong. Cycles doesn’t look like it.
These shadows look burned somehow. I wonder why.

Love the colors and light, some issue with AA though. Really cool.

“Film” color management? --> No PP image has blu-ish and strong shadows…

“Film” color management? --> No PP image has blu-ish and strong shadows…

I thought so. There’s definitely some PP here. That burns shadows.

I like the lightening of these renders but they look better as thumbnails because when viewed at full size it can be seen that most of the models are too simple and rough and some materials are off additionally there is a problem with AA…

Thanks for the comments, like the title said, I’m experimented with Cycles and trying to learn it, so all the critiques are welcome. @MarcoG_ita, you are right I mess around with the “Film” color management. Experiences…:eyebrowlift2:

@michalis - It’s not PP is a Color Management option under Scene–>Color Management tab

@camara - yep, it gives this nice overall color and strong shadows. I personally like it a lot even though it destroys a bit shadow zones, giving 100% black areas.