Experiment bathroom



Lighting rather poor.
For some reason there is a weird blur on the left

In order to turn HKs answer into constructive criticism, I try to interpret it.
The lighting seems to be done randomly, there is probably a window, but if you want to sell the shelf or show off the decoration, you would wait for the shelf to be lit by the sun or turn on the lights in the bathroom, to take a nice photo. This scene however might be more of a random look in the direction, or would fit well into a larger image, because the light doesn’t emphasize any of the objects in your scene.
The DoF might be a little too strong, it’s not easy to look at the blurred part, which seem interesting at first glance, because it’s very bright. You could try to crop the part out, that is lit by the sun.

Apart from that the image looks pretty clean and calming, which I like in a bathroom.

The light come from an hdri trough the window in the bathroom and the window in the next room , yes the dof is very poor probably is not a shot who need dof,i usually get dof in postproduction, this time was an experiment,my intention was to put in emphasis the soap, i’m grateful for your suggest and criticism ,probably this shot looks