Experiment with Blender Rendering and Compositing Nodes

Recently, I was experimenting with Blender 2.62 and messing around with smoke sytems and compositing nodes to see how they worked (yes, i’m new to them :P), I ended up with this result where there are smoke particles in the background which I felt gave it a retro look.

After some more editing with the properties of Suzanne, I ended up with this final result for the render:

Any feedback/suggestions would be welcome as to how to improve, especially with compositing


I would probably advise to post something a little more representative of the compositing.
You’ve not shown any noodles, nor have you modified much other than added a vignette, Susan and DOF to the scene, if that?

Sorry, I forgot to put them up :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a screenshot of the ‘noodles’:

And to answer your question, I added a glass/gel material to Suzanne, and presumably fromt the noodles, the FOV was changed to get the focus effect

can you show that glass material it looks really nice :smiley:

thanks kramon, the image with the main features to the material are shown below:

I would suggest messing around with the settings to produce more glass like materials as to me this looked a bit like perspex