experiment with glass in a lab WIP

here is first pic i tried but get black glass
see file and pic

also i tried to apply an image texture ti the piece of wood inf ront but did not work

zeprouv11.blend (690 KB)

thanks for any help

You need closed solid object for proper glass rendering, and check and recalculate normals, they are wrong. Black parts are where you look to glass from “inside”

strange cause in the original file it was rendering ok
so i did not suspect this was cause of normals!
and in 2.49 it was rendering nicely no black areas or shaded faces!
did not suspect this one !

when you say closed objects do u mean object with double walls for refraction and caustic

cause this bottle cannot really be close or how do you close it put a lid on top
which would not look very nice!

but your right i will add a second layer on this bottle anyway caue i want to see some refraction

another problem in cycle i did not find yet how do you add several mat on one object
like how to assign faces to a new mat
any short vid on this or small tut may be!

i’ll do the modification right now


every object has been recheck for doubles and and normals so should work ol i guess

now here is a render with2.49 for glass inside glass
which looks ok

now i render this in cycle i get something very strange like magnifying glass
so what’s the trick to get samekind of render in cycle ?

but in cycle

so how come it does not come out realistic?
or not yet there with cycle


You need to make physically correct model. Tiny but solid closed glass hull. Try to Edit Mode -> select all - > Mesh->edges->Solidify or any other method. What you make is just huge piece of glass filled with glass, and Cycles render is correct.

sorry but this is already 2 layers of external walls

but the inside spiral one is a curve with extruded curve

should i change it to a closed mesh may be?

does solidfify works well with this kind of shape of have to do it manually?

i’ll try and see if it gets a nice thickness

so if you make it with only one wall it would be equivalent of a big piece of glass filled up 100 %
and this would act like a magnifier!

it could make sense!

i’ll test again

thanks for feedback

experimented a little

added vase with one layer on left and double layers on right added the object and cut the 2 ends

but not giving real good render
see pic

it looks like if there are ends 1/2 sphere or not at the ends of tube it takes the whole volume has being filled up !
so there must a trick here to make it work !

i cannot smooth vertex and save it to file!
a bug !


more experiments
bottom left 2 circle extruded and works fine but no ends

top left added 1/2 UV sphere then solidify and extruded and that one does not work
is this a bug ?

happy 2.6

I don’t know much about how cycles works, but have you tried scaling the entire scene up or down? I have encountered some problems which are fixed by that.

@ RickyBlender
you have to add some thickness to your glass (add solidify modifier)
try to model a clean mesh, i remodeled the glass from your first blend file and rendered in cycles, see result below

i think i corrected most of this very old file that i did a long time ago
an how with all normals and double layers thickness
i should have reviewed these objects first but it seemed to work fine in 2.49 so did not suspect they were flawed mesh!

so i assumed that they were ok but this is my mistake sorry!

now the main problem is i cannot make a piece of glass inside another piece of glass!

the outside transp object acts like a magnifier which is not like when i render in 2.6
but this could be a bug or not yet implemented !
see post #4 bottom picture

did you try 759 with cycle
seems to be very slow compare 599?


@ RickyBlender
attach your most recent worked .blend file.

Check the IOR value in cycles. It also doesnt look like there is any IOR in the 2.49 at all.

magnifier1.blend (653 KB)

ok i had to remove a lot of the expriment i did to reduce file’s size!
but here is a min size

try to render and look at the render pic the outside glass transp mesh is acting like a magnifier

see pic using cycle 41759

when i render same thing in 2.6 it does not act as a magnifier
but like it does in 2.49 as shown in first post!

as soon as i add 1/2 sphere on the end of cylinder it begins to act as a magnifier
i tried with a tranps glass vase and looks ok

unless there is another trick to use here with cycle

now from another point of view i could be nice if you want to see this with a magnifier effect but for now i don’t really want to see this effect!


It is a matter of flipping the normals of the inside faces of the glass in the middle object. Also add some actual thickness to the glass in the other objects with the Solidify modifier. Think of what glass is like in the real world.

@ RickyBlender

you duplicated the tube that’s why you got like magnifier effect.

i remove the duplicated glass and applied subdivision surface and solidify modifier, see the result below.

If you add a solidify modifier to the outer object it fixes the magnify problem, but it darkens the inner object.

Bingo…problem solved

i tried to remove the inside layer but then you loose the refraction effect!

what do you mean by duplicated ?

can you upload sample file for the tube you did i’ll test if i get good render?

which SVN did you use ?


hi RickyBlender,

inspired by your problem i have made a quick scene using build 41747.

don’t forget to use an HDR or any other for reflections, glass and metal need something to reflect.


glasskolben-test.blend (174 KB)