experimental 12 minutes short

Hello dear blender community and a very warm welcome!

This is my first work done with blender I am showcasing here. I started using blender around january this year. But I am not new to 3D and have been using various software since I am 13 years old - this is 15 years ago now :slight_smile:

Well I have been studying art in Stuttgart Germany and have a very own approach to animation and style - hopefully some will like, others will probably dislike…

The short has no classic story, it’s more kind of a vision, like if you would look in to a magic sphere. A psychedelic dream/mediatation about mankind or myself.

I started with a lot of scenes, which slowly assembeld to a longer animation. Nearly everything has been done inside blender, even the 2D scenes. All compositing has been done in adobe software, only simple stuff in the node editor to get the different passes. Some Scenes use realtime as well.

Some stills:

let me know, what you think. Will post the url in next post.

and here the url to the animation (damm not the newest state any more - youtubes takes 7 houes to upload in Full HD):

Warning: some nudity and sexual content in a very stylized way

The music is not final - used some old game soundtracks (kingsquest7, outcast) for this sketch. Will have to look for music I have the rights to use for the final version.

The animation will be showcased with 2 Full HD beamers combined to a square, so the high format and the horrizontal format, will be the same size - that what it says in german in the beginning.

If I render 1700 frames with 1000 sampels with cycles (picture above has 600) my geforce gtx580 3GB will probably need an entire month to render it in full HD. I probably have to buy octan render…

Thats crazy! I managed to reduce the rendertime above the half time, by doing one simple step: Create a new scene, append all objects from the old scene and set the same cycles settings. The output images are 100% identical, rendertime is over 2times faster.

Probably the reason is, that the files were created using 2.66 and were updated to 2.68 during the progress. Maybe some garbage was deleted this way, or cycles got much faster in the newer release and was slowed down by some old data in the file.

But I am only guessing.