Experimental Art - Silver Balloons

Hey there,

I’m a film director and artist who wants to make some experimental art. The whole idea behind the piece is that “truth, something which was strong and grounded has become weightless and difficult to hold on to.” We live in the era of knowledge but we are constantly exposed to and fed lies by the media, the internet and government. The idea of “facts” and “truth” has been delegitimised and lies seem to spread quicker and be sensationalised.

The piece:
The art work uses a the Indian national slogan “Satyameva Vijayate” which is sanskrit for “Truth will be victorious” is constructed using silver foil balloons in a white studio space. You’d expect such a slogan to be engraved in stone, but the balloons symbolises how this slogan almost has no weight. Even though this uses the Indian context, the message is universal and representative of the current state of the world. Whether one looks how the Trump vs Clinton election was manipulated by Cambridge Analytica, or even how the government has managed COVID-19 - we’re all affected by these lies.

Inspired from Andy Warhol’s work “Silver Clouds” when Warhol declared he was giving up painting and created these “anti-sculptures” in the form of these floating helium filled silver foil balloons.

The work:
Creating the lettering of the slogan as a silver balloon model. I imagine it to be a still image, and if possible the piece in a video form - where the strings of the individual balloons (each letter) are spontaneously cut and the letters float up and bounced against each other and ceiling.

I tried doing it in photoshop which I’m quite skilled in - but simply couldn’t get it looking real. I could only attach one photo, so you can always google an image of Warhol’s Silver Clouds for reference too.

This is unpaid work - it’s just going towards my portfolio and something that I thought represented the time well.

If the meaning of the art work means something to you and you’d like to invest some time in this project, I’d love to hear from you! My limited Blender knowledge tells me that this is a relatively easy thing to in Blender - but I’m a complete novice so thought I’d reach out.


Hy! Vishal Handa
I started your work, i hope you like it :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me on discord
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