Experimental Builds

This feels like a really basic question, but is it safe to use the 2.79 ‘Experimental’ builds at builder.blender.org/download/ ?

While the 2.79 build says ‘Stable’, the text above states “…can be unstable and mess up your files.”

So… Is it stable or not? Is it safe to use the latest ‘experimental’ 2.79 for production? And are there any patchnotes to find out what changed?


I’ve been using 2.7x master builds in production for years now and never had a problem.
Quite the opposite: many bugs from the latest official version 2.79b are fixed and many new features and performance updates are in the master builds.

I compile them myself so in case there’s actually a showstopper bug or something weird in a latest build I can checkout the previous version from git and recompile. So there’s always a fallback when something goes wrong.

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I’ve used the daily 2.79 builds for months now without issue.

If you are worried, you can always increase the number of save versions that Blender will store in User Preferences > File. This will make Blender automatically keep recent save versions in the same folder. They’ll be named the same, but the filetype will be .blend1 or .blend2 and so on, the most recent backup being .blend1. Just rename the extension to .blend and it’ll open in Blender.

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They ought to be fine. 2.79 still gets changes frequently (2.79 MacOS just got OpenMP support for accelerated simulations a couple hours ago) so there’s always a chance that there might be an issue with a particular daily build, but in general it should be much improved over 2.79b.

The 2.79 experimental builds get you two things: 10 months of bug fixes and minor enhancements beyond what 2.79b has (with exactly the same hardware requirements as 2.79b), and the newest version of Cycles that’s identical to the version in 2.80.

The new version of Cycles has the latest enhancements like the Principled Hair shader, GPU+CPU rendering etc., but it also comes with the new hardware requirements for minimum CUDA compute capability etc. and no longer supports AMD GPUs on MacOS for Cycles GPU rendering. On the plus side it does include support for the latest 20x0 Nvidia cards.

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Where can I find the change/update log for the daily builds?

The thing that comes closest is this commit log:


Ah…there it is, been looking for that for weeks, been following 2.8 that way.
Thank you for the help.

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I have been using the stable version of 2.79b since forever now by faith that it was so called “stable” but thanks to the link you have shown here, I saw the GIGANTO amount of bugs they have fixed, it now makes zero sense to stick to stable anymore !

ESPECIALLY the “fix black pixels when de-noising for animation” that explains so many of my animations I thought it was me !!!

Thank you !!!

Now that I think about it…does anyone know when was 2.79b stable published ? How long ago ?

In two weeks, 2.79b will be one year old.

That’s not too bad, from reading this thread some people make it sound like it was years ago !

Thanks !