Experimental Displacement Feature

I am using Blender with a GTX 1070. As such, I need to use a 2.78 build to have the CUDA kernel included and to allow GPU compute. However, 2.78 builds do not have the experimental ‘Displacement’ options in object data. This is usually (in 2.77) accessed by choosing Cycles, going to the render tab and setting the feature set to ‘Experimental’, and then returning to the object data. A window with ‘Displacement’ and a series of options appears. At least it does in 2.77, but not 2.78. Does anyone know how to get it in 2.78, or if it has been moved?

Thank you

It’s in the Material tab now: Settings > Displacement.

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, it looks quite different now. Here is 2.77:

Here is 2.78:

I am following this tutorial: https://cgcookie.com/lesson/procedural-wave-displacement/#discussion, so am not actually familiar with its use, but it seems I may have to just go back to 2.77 with CPU compute.

As I said, look for “Displacement” in the Settings section of the material tab (not the Displacement section):


Ah, my mistake, thank you!