Experimental win32 build available at Graphicall

I was asked to put up a build that contained the PCF soft shadow work I did, so I’m just putting up a build with my whole working copy, which contains the following experimental features (not in trunk yet):


I might make builds for other platforms if/when I get my virtual machines setup to build Blender.

Feedback on the 3 mentioned features would be appreciated.


PS, sorry for the vague title, I wasn’t sure what else to put. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your great work!

Could you also provide the changes to the code, so we could make a build for other operation systems?
I would like to test the softshadows and shadowlamp on my linux system.

best regards, moerdn

PCF soft shadows looks ok to me
but how activate the textured Lights? i try only add the texture in lamp but don´t work.
About the GSoC, when we will have your commit in trunk? Was a great improve to BGE materials.
Great works Moguri! :slight_smile:

Patches will come as soon as I clean them up.

To use the textured lamps create an image texture in the first texture slot of a spot lamp. Then use buffered shadows. The texture’s intensity values will be mixed with the shadow map of the lamp.

I have no idea if/when my GSOC stuff will get committed.

Hi moguri,
Textured Lights look ok to me now.
i notice only minor issues:

  • The projected texture is only grayscale not RGB.
  • PNG images have alpha, but clipped not float.
  • We can´t mapped the texture, change size or offset of texture.

My system spec:
Geforce 9500GT, Win32

Great work man! xD

that’s pretty awesome sauce… :smiley: My favorite is the textured lamp, I’ve always needed that.

Thanks :slight_smile: