Experimenting on model.

experimenting this model on my free time.

I was thinking about a Cat ( I don`t know why! :confused:) and I come up with this Sh*t !

I will be experimenting random things, there somewhat of a goal, Do A test/experiment to find something fun and new.

so, here we go with this so called cat model experiment…


Heeheehee. Looks {kroaptgjk} nice. And a bit {Ggg*e} funny.

It looks like a cross between a naked woman and a piece of scuba gear.

I can see the cartoon cat face! It’s just a bit too wide, if you filled in the gaps it wouldn’t look too bad =D

It looks like a cross between a naked woman and a piece of scuba gear.
you know what, I may stop the cat Idea and start what you seen! or not! :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, I am working on it as I replying on BA, just a fast look-out on the forum…

Soon updates…

you blender-heads are something! I am not that person that work on something and post the updates and talk about plus answer reply`s, !

will, far of from naked woman and a piece of scuba gear! I started to get done with the model, the firs test or Experiment will be on sculpt, yap, I`ll be sculpting the cat, and I am not a sculpt artist, no:o! not that much, if lucky , I may do a Vid…:eyebrowlift:

this is for now…


Some updates with the Experiment.

I find that using blenders sculpt tool not that much hard to use, but I had somewhat hard time to get to understand it well.<b><i>[here is a vid](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TsZvX4SX18)</i></b> . yes!, it speed things up, you can say its artist friendly.
the sculpt tool had good updates from the last time I used it, I am happy with it, But I think it need to go more than what it is.


more of the Experimenting sh*t!

I started to get problems where the eyess, I got that when using the sculpt tool, the smooth brash. I will fix that via edit.... If i can get more free time, Ill do the body. but really the sculpt tool in blender really make thing faster…