Experimenting with 'Featured' badge visibility

Possibly some of the badges which encourage users to interact positively with content? Ones involving giving and receiving likes would be a good example.

hmmm, interesting

Good feature, option to display one of our badge would be cool. Maybe star/icon color could be more desaturated. It’s too dominant as it is right now in my opinion.

Also I realized most of the badges sharing the same icon, maybe we could add more unique icons for each badge. How about creating a small challenge/contest for that?

is it possible to directly see a previews of the renders inside of the featured badges pages ? it could become sort of a “featured gallery”

i also think people who can code, and share their add-on in the forum deserve something similar

I tried to desaturate it, but it turned out super bland. How about just using grayscale instead? I’m trying that now. Let me know what you think.

Not yet; this is what I (tried to) explain in my OP :slight_smile:

:100: I have implemented this now in the following way: if you post in the #coding:released-scripts-and-themes category and your first post gets a like by one of the @moderators, you’ll receive the ‘Add-on Developer’ badge. You can see it here. This data is obviously not complete yet, but will continue to improve.

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This might cause a slight misleading such as this and this. Maybe those kind of topics need a seperate sub-category?

Also ‘about the coding category’ page is missing/empty.

I realise that, but let’s see how many ‘false positives’ we end up with first. An alternative solution is to let moderators manually award such badges, but that’s a bit more work for them.

@Fweeb could you look in to that?

Patreon supporters :slight_smile:

Migration supporters

Those who has been around for 10y+

WEC winners

Addon developers

“Higer up” people like andrew, yan, ton etc

So admins would only like posts in the coding category with the authors actually writing an addon ? Is it necessarily free ? Paid scripted also ?

Not clear who will get thoses scripted badges

Since this is a support forum, could users who are the most give support/help to have any kind of remarkable visible reward?
Of course I do not mean myself, I do not offer even 1% of the quality support that other users give. But I would like those users to be rewarded.

How would you define/quantify that? Basically there would need to be some kind of database ‘rule’ for this.

Maybe, there could be a badge for users who have 20 solution or more? Right now there is no badge assosicated with solution info. And that badge could be featured if user wanted.

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That could work yes, I’ll see if I can pull that from the DB

What do you mean?

I thought users will have option to display/feature those icons next to username, no? Because I suspect some users will be eligible for lots of those badges and which icon will be featured? All of them?

Ah, no. This is a site-wide option, but we control which badges can be displayed here - that way we can still keep the list sane (I’d say a max of 5 badges?)

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I was about to propose that. The only problem is that the same user who opened the thread, can mark his own message as the solution, which I think is right and this should continue in the same way. But this (own solution) should not count in the merits to obtain the reward, not because it does not deserve it in some cases, but to avoid abuses.

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About that: those “About” threads are also used to auto-populate the text for the sections and categories on the main forum page. I found that out when updating the one for the Jobs section (and made it excessively long the first time).

It’s off-topic from this thread, so maybe we should start a new one, but is that kind of text something we one on the main page?

I found some performance issues with this theme component - it resulted in a LOT of server load as it was querying the badges for all users in topics. For larger topics this became problematic. I have disabled it for now and will track progress.

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