Experimenting with 'Featured' badge visibility

I found some performance issues with this theme component - it resulted in a LOT of server load as it was querying the badges for all users in topics. For larger topics this became problematic. I have disabled it for now and will track progress.

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i did a thread related to this new badge system but not for feature art so i split the topic

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speaking about the “reward” importance of badges in this topic,

This component has been fixed and I have resumed this test. The ‘Featured’ and ‘Add-on Developer’ badges are back!

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how if the new user will have this:

There is no ‘new user’ badge. However, higher level users will see a message when a new, or longtime inactive user posts a message.

can i have an addon dev badge ? :slight_smile:
i did thoses two :

Ah! I forgot one critical component: a moderator or staff member has to ‘like’ your post (this acts as a confirmation that you are indeed an add-on developer). I just did that on your posts and ran the update (usually it runs only once every 24 hours).

@moderators can you help out by liking initial posts in the #coding:released-scripts-and-themes forum?


Sorry for the bump, but I wanted to double-check, are only, “best,” add-ons being chosen since the last post from above? I’ve respectfully noticed a large dip in new add-on developers not receiving a like or badge. Understandably this dip happened around the start of the pandemic, but it’s still happening currently, with the exception of a few who were given likes out of genuineness likeness and not for badge verification I think.

Also understandably, is that probably not all moderators are going to want to spend their time or like count just for the #coding:released-scripts-and-themes category. I’d propose implementing automatically being awarded the badge, but only after a certain amount of likes have been given to the OP. That way moderators can spend their time over more important matters.

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I don’t think we have a very active policy on this. It would be nice to be more active yes, but perhaps we need someone on the team with a passion for add-ons?

Done, there should be 125 add-on badges getting sent out now


Great! Those badges should show up within 24 hours, let me know if they don’t.

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