Experimenting with fluid animation


I’m new to this forum.
And i want to start with a question that could be a little

I am experimenting with fluid animation and the parameters.
And i do not find what exactly “start time” and “end time” mean.

I hope, even if this is a stupid question, someone could
explain this to me.



StartTime = Start Frame for the fluid simulation and EndTime = the Last Frame of it.

If you keep your mouse cursor over the button it will show you a tooltip for each.


Thank you for your reply.

But i think that is not true.
If i go over the two buttons they say:

start time - simulation time of the first blender frame
end time - simulation time of the last blend frame

I think start time is something like “Simulation time passed when first frame starts”. E.g. so that there has been some flow out of the inflow when firstframe starts.

actually i believe that is so you can vary the physical time of simulation versus the keyframe time - ie do things like bullet time. Hmmm your inflow outflow idea is good too :slight_smile: