Experiments with Eevee for Realtime Rendering

I have been learning about the baked lighting for a while and trying to understand the process behind realistic lighting inside Eevee. The material design and lighting process is different from the cycles. This is a simple Arch based hallway to test lighting. I am going to update the scene with more assets.

Would be glad to receive the feedback and critique on this work!!


I liked the arch model and smooth lighting you achieved. Did you use reflection plane at the bottom? Any irradiance volume in the scene?

If you’re planning to use for interiors, I suggest checking this topic:

Also did you put this on Animations sub-category by mistake? You may want to change it to Work in Progress etc.

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Thanks for the feedback!!
And yes it was in wrong category as it is supposed to be WIP.
Yes I have baked indirect lighting using irradiance volume… I am aware of light leaks. Contact shadows with a bit of tweaking seem to fix the issue.
Also I have placed the reflection plane just for the test purpose.
I haven’t planned to use this asset directly, it was just a quick mockup to study lighting.
I will try to add details and exterior to the scene and post again.
Again thanks for detailed feedback and pointers!!

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