Experiments with Glass...

Thought I’d have a go at modelling one of the Epergnes I have. Will likely add another couple of glass items too.

Displacement map I’m experimenting with for the vase I’ve modelled. I modelled the detail then created the map from the detail.

Currently how it looks.


The picture with the table looks pretty good. I think you need a loop cut toward the bottom of the vases in the other image, and you could also widen the bases a bit so they don’t look like they are going to tip over. It is a little too early in the design process to see where you are going with this though. Looks neat and keep at it though and I am excited to see where you get with it.


Cheers. :slight_smile: The vase I took the idea from is very similar. It’s why it appealed to me, it having such a narrow base. I will check the proportions though - thanks for pointing it out.

Finished modelling the Epergne. I’m still tweaking the shaders in cycles; think I’ll have to compost the epernge to get it right - unless I discover a way to get Gradient colouring to work.

Edit: proportions of the vase are correct, although I made it nearly twice life size.

Added a paper weight, a lalique cat, 2 cystal champagne glasses amd a bottle of champagne - Krug for preference. :slight_smile:

Next is the partial room; the backdrop is supposed t be a stained glass window - we will see how that goes.

Done the background wall and window; almost completed texturing with just the ‘stained-glass’ to do.

That center piece vase is very gorgeous, great work :slight_smile:

Cheers Kaisaki.

What I’m thinking of as a finished render, but not sure yet. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s been composted too.