Experiments with Stereoscopics.

It’s a simple concept. Render your scene , scoot your camera to the left or right a tiny bit, then do another render. Then, arrange your renders next to eachother, with the left render on the right and vice versa. If a person focuses between the images and crosses their eyes, their left eye will align with the right image (which is the left perspective) and the converse with their right eye:


This will fool your eye into thinking it is perceiving 3D space rather than a 2D image.

This is the most effective stereoscopic image I’ve managed to create so far:


Nice work, kind of like Radiances except for some reason this one doesn’t make me feel as sick :slight_smile:

I only just noticed the Stereo further down this forum that puts mine to shame.

Oh well. Perhaps I’ll attempt an animated one. :smiley:

Now that’d be cool.

You can also make these for divergent viewing, which I certainly find easier. Just take the two images you have and swap sides - then instead of crossing your eyes (which hurts), stare THROUGH the images to an imaginary point behind the screen so you can perceive three images instead of two.

Then, holding the three images steady, try to relax and concentrate on one point (like the hips) until your eyes begin to focus. Once you get focused, it can get quite comfortable.

Random dot stereoscopic images usually work this way.

Kormiic: yeah, his render is more impressive, but yours has a much better camera placement for 3d and is much easier to view. And yeah, an animation of your robot in 3d would be cool. :yes:

AndyD: I have always been able to do both parallel and xeyed, but for me xeyed is easier…also, parallel viewing is very limited in size so I like xeyed better for both reasons…

Thank you very much for giving me such an awesome idea! I am SO going to try making one of these. Before posting this message I was unable to cross my eyes to see yours properly, but I’m gonna keep trying:D Thanx again, and nice robot:)

EDIT - WOW that is just phenominal! I hadn’t considered focusing on my index finger first to get into view. Was I supposed to do that? Or were you able to do it just by resting your eyes?

I’ve been doing this since I was a young’n and my parents gave me my first camera, so my eyes can do any kind of stereoscopic without any trouble. I often forget how it can be difficult for some.

This rig isn’t very well made, and I’m struggling to animate it. I might look over my archive of older animations and attempt something.

I am currently rendering a stereoscopic version of this animation:


But the camera will be static and positioned differently. My 'puter sucks so it will probably take some time.

It’s done very well! I love the way it comes out and you get real depth


I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. It looks like it will end up cool, though, when I do figure it out.


Didn’t turn out nearly as well as I woulda liked.

I think that to exploit the 3D, he needs to travel forward, toward the viewer. Otherwise there’s little depth to appreciate.

Amazing stuff guys. I really am enjoying this.

Here’s another one of my robot.


You, sir, are a genius. I particularly love that guy with the top hat jumping over the spikes. Very cleanly animated aswell.

nice work, i love stereoscopic images…

try your movie thing, but at double the size and with a “3d” camera angle and it’ll work better =]

thats a really nice and easy method for making images stereoscopic. you need no special gadgets or glasses and its easier to learn by the eyes than other techniques. i like it. :slight_smile:

hm wearing glasses it works not so good but i get some guess without them and at aprox. 10 cm on my 15" CRT where i am able to see detail without the glasses.

Nice work! I have always had problems viewing these though…I can merge the two images perfectly fine and see some depth but I can never seem to bring the image into focus…it is always quite blurry. Any explanation for this?