Expirement w/ Halo Materials

Lately i have jsut been off blender alot due to h.w. and the fact that i suck and can only do simple meshes lolz… (due to lack of skill might i add)
So i came back for a while and expiremented w/ halo textures on invisible objects w/ particles. So ya Floating Particles w/ halo materials… and multicolor textures using clouds and a color gradient + composite nodes to enhance the final image… took a nice 3-5minutes to render maybe more… or less but it sure felt like smm between that…

For those who want to dl the blend & play w/ the settings err smm.(prolly not many xD)
Particles on Halo Material Test (Mirror 1)
Particles on Halo Material Test (Mirror 2)

This is a brief overview of what your seeing in this pic… you are seeing multiple duplicates of 1 cube (i think some are subsurfed) that contains 1000particles (by default) and using random spreading to add variety. Along w/ these many cubes there are 3 Enlarged cubes that contain 10,000 Particles (I think 1 of them has 1000) and they are placed for the fizzle of glow in the Background. All of this placed within an sphere w/ subsurf and reflectibility (but for somereason does not reflect the particles) as the backdrop and i put it there for more depth and to ultimately get rid of that generic blue bg xD.

pretty colors.

I gather that halo materials do not reflect.