Explain to us your name...

I’m looking around at all the different names on here and I’m seeing that few (if any) make sense, so tell us about your “name”

I came across mine when I went to the locale Broulims to buy my food for the week and I came across a great deal on a box of 10 corndogs, I ate the entire thing that day. that evening a friend invited me to go to my first LAN party. when we got there someone asked me what my handek was, I was like: “handel?” after it was explaned to me I chose the name CornDog (it was the only thing I could come up with, and people were needing to call me something) after that the name just stuck.
and every so often I start talking about changing it to something uh…“cooler” but then I remember all the things I would have to do for the change to take full effect and I start getting lazy… :smiley:

Well, that’s nice thing with nicknames, either you get one, or you choose one :slight_smile:

Hoxolotl is a misspelling of Axolotl which is some sort of small cave salamander (yep, I don’t like the sun, for medical reasons) who can’t decide wether to be an amphibian (with gills) or or not (without gills) depending on it’s environment. Which reflects my attitude when somebody tell me that “you can’t have both”, yes you can, it’s just a matter of finding the right answer and not giving up on yourself. And the fact that I adapt very quickly to new environments.

pronounced “Ho” (like for stopping a horse)
“Kso” (Like X O )
“lo” (like l’eau in french)
“tel” (like telephone)

Reason for the misspeling is because I don’t want to go keyhunting when going from an azerty keyboard to a qwerty one.

My name is uh… Well… I was really tired and had just watched a whole dvd of Gundam, when I signed up, and the only thing I could come up with, was to name myself after the first main gundam of the Gundam SEED series… GAT-X105 Strike… heheh

you know, it’s kinda weird, but i have never been able to figure out
the mass of a pixel…heh, think it has more to do with the power of the human mind, imagination,spirit…blend on dudes…(and dudettes!)

Peace…pixel :smiley:


I just used the first 2 letters of my first name and my last name.

Good thing my name isn’t Horace Morse…


Well my real name is Jimmy Williams, I live in Wichita Falls, Tx (940) 631-8042. Many of my friends know me as Jack Black cause I’m a dead lookalike, especialy with long hair, I walked into Areopostle, that kinda hurt so I decided to walk inside Aeropostle and I talked to a friend who works there and one of his co-workers really thought I was Jack Black, but was to nervous to stop by and say hi. I get “Hey you look like Jack Black!” or “Hey you look like that one famous guy from School of Rock!” or “I want to have you babies” thing from people all the time, it’s pretty annoying, it’s almost like my name. I axt a lot like Jack Black, well I acted like him before I knew he existed even, pretty crazy.



I uh, er, well, um… It’s not that hard to figure out. :wink:

ironic, lightsabres and Lord of the Rings kinda clash (pun intended, no offense). :smiley:

Umm. . . my name is . . . me. :wink:

Mine’s really old, back from my starcraft days… like 8 years ago or so. It came from a blend of Horus (the Egyptian god) and Aurum (lating for gold). I tried Horus and Aurus but someone on battle.net was already using those, so I went with Aorus.

hmm… well… part of my last name (dipp) and then just Master

I love Pirates of the Carribean so I was signing up for something, think it was hotmail, and tried Jack Sparrow and it was taken tried Jack Johnney and all sorts of combos until I got to jackj[sparrow] which wasn’t so now I use it for anything I sign up for. I used to use Goldigger but that was too long and nobody could remember it.

Laurifer uses the base “laurel” which, basically, means triumphant. AFIK “laurifer” is not used in English, but is a Latin term.


I went the the Art Institute, and everyone there is junked up on something, it seems. I’ve been artjunky ever since then. Actually started as artjunkie, but that domain was taken.

Wu - its greek for king of erotic karate flexing, teehee.

seriously, i always thought asian names were cool, somthing short, somthing pretty, somthing neat that let everyone know “i can take it like a man”, and somthing that make the women “randy”, so i went with Wu.

Sago- Horace Morse, teehee, you make me laugh, teehee.

jackblack- why the hell did you post your phone number, i’m going to prank call you and record it, animate it, and post it here so everyone can laugh at you, muahahahahahahahahaha!!!

766->76 was my Football number in high school…

Some other jerk on yahoo took Enriq76 (my first choice) So I settled for Enriq766. I already sent him numerous nasty letters to give up the name.

Believe it or not, he replied. His name is also Enrique Gonzales and he was born in 1976. So I let him live.

I made this name while I was in 12th grade computer class, I was setting up this new and FREE e-mail service, by some new company called Yahoo…MAN i should have bought some shares of that!

I remeber breaking the legs of flexing wanna-b karate losers on the football field. Even those with “pretty” names. Nothing like hearing the bone break and then the girly scream afterwards, ahh the memories…

Remind me not to get on your bad side… :o


ironic, lightsabers and Lord of the Rings kinda clash (pun intended, no offense). :D[/quote]

Are you talking about my avatar? That’s just until I finish my current blender project, then I’ll change it to something more username appropriate.

lilo -> linux boot loader / also my mothers name :smiley:

scabootssca = my dogs nickname his name is boots

and i wanted a name that wasn’t taken at much places so i can use it for everything and i didnt really want a name with numbers in it because real names dont have numbers

…and nobody can usually spell it right

xm4r5h4llx is the result of a joke where I told A girl back in highschool That My name was really Marshall and not Mike. She liked the fake name better and it kinda stuck [she even forgot my real name at one point]. a few years later I needed to make a new AIM screen name and marshall came to mind… so after several combinations I finaly got this one… Now I use it for everything… :smiley: