Explicit (Gory) Zombie!

I don’t seem to be content with just one project on the go, it’s nice to skip around and have a break from one while progressing another. I also find that issues/discoveries that occur on one project can be implemented on others, so it works out quite well.

Yeah - it’s been done before, but zombies are great fun to model. Also great study projects for anatomy (or half of it in this case). The eyes and teeth may seem familiar, but they are just placeholders.

Current issues with this one: the proportion of his arms. Some angles they seem fine, others… too short.
The front forearm is a bit wobbly, his face is too, but they will be fixed. My work flow is blocking out the muscles position etc then fine tune…

More detail like eyelids etc to be added when I multires, had a few issues where going into object mode and back to sculpt mode causes huge distortions, so am leaving the modifier as long as I can… the plan is to make it as ‘real’ as my Old Guy sculpt.


Thanks for the nightmares!
I greatly appreciate it! :eek:

The proportions are all a bit wonky to my eyes. Either the head’s somewhat big or most all else too small, the thorax doesn’t look deep(long) enough, and that front (right) arm is very stumpy, the upper arm in particular. Kind of looks like a Freaks cast member gone Z.

Good definition of the musculature so far.

Yeah, it’s bugging me too, that arm… or whatever the issue is! It is strange because the arms are the same proportions. If the head is too big, then the rest will be ‘correct’ but if the arms are too short… the thorax will need to be reaally long…etc it will be one of those issues methinks.

before you ask, no, it will not be animated :slight_smile:

Are you sure? Those things have an un-life of their own, y’know! :smiley: Seriously, though, it’d be a cool subject for a normal map bake to a low/medium poly animated character, fairly simple to rig (only half as much work :wink: ) and dragging itself across the room in search of BRAINZ! – slimy bits & pieces trailing and dropping off now & then --what’s not to like?

:slight_smile: I would need to start over and model it in a more user friendly T shape to begin with… maybe I should consider animating these things BEFORE I start sculpting!

I believe that this is one of those rare occasions where you actually have to re-animate a 3D model… ;D

LOL! :evilgrin:

I don’t really know much (yet) about anatomy and such, but even if the proportions are a bit off that sculpt looks pretty awesome to me, especially if you haven’t even gotten to the fine details yet. I also think that a short animation with that guy would be really cool.

Right then… some proportions changed:
Arms lengthened, body twisted more, head shrunk and tilted, right arm moved to position so more weight is on it, right shoulder raised slightly, various muscles (like right bicep) reduced. Lots of minor stretching errors to correct but I feel the pose is better and he looks a bit less like

Kind of looks like a Freaks cast member gone Z.

I believe that this is one of those rare occasions where you actually have to re-animate a 3D model… ;D
Hehe! :slight_smile:


Now we’re talkin’! Still has that carny geek look but that’s a good thing in this case (probably the only time it would be a "good thing :wink: ) Now a mass of trailin’ entrails would incomplete the picture !

entrails are a comin! …and blood and goo!
I tried to use soft bodies but they just fall thru the floor… I think it will be quicker to model them :slight_smile: anyone happen to have an intestinal tubes shader handy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, his ‘carny geek’ appearance makes him more creepy, you know, like you couldn’t reason with him in life either… although his eyes do seem a little close together!

Any glaring proportional/anatomical/pose issues you can see?

Yeah, eyes are close-spaced but not out of the range of acceptability even for a “normal” guy. The hands are unusually large but I think that helps the characterization, and since he’s walkin’ on them, it isn’t as in your face – when it will be in your face (such as reachin’ for the brainz), it’ll be that much more effective.

sigh, I like the old zombie, but for some very odd reason I changed it a little…


Spent a while rigging this zombie, had some major issues where I was working on my proxy zombie rig only to find that my high poly version had turned into a reaaally pretty star shape… lucky I had a few spares…
His ‘tail’ is refusing to cooperate, it has in IK on it but will not keyframe properly. Anyhow, here’s him so far…

Still deciding if he will walk like a penguin or drag himself across the floor :slight_smile:

That was disturbing…
Walk like a penguin… Dragging across the floor would be that disturbing to me.

slightly better test …and possibly more disturbing!

big space before video, so you can not watch it if you like :slight_smile:

Wow, hehe, didn’t you say you weren’t gonna animate it? Or was my prediction correct and it actually re-animated by itself, hehe? ;D

And I agree with the above, quite disturbing - which is actually pretty awesome. ;D

yeah, I wasn’t planning on animating it, but my wifes students wanted to see it moving too o.O
So rather than finish the original, I started again!

If it’s disturbing now, wait til it’s finished mwahahahaaaa

Now you’re disturbing. This will not end well. Hopefully. ;D