Explicitly dupliverts, please?


I’m practicing with blender lately, and I’m trying to learn how to work dupliverts. I’ve tried the manual but I found it rather vague. Could someone please give me explicit instructions on how to creat dupliverts. Please mention every command and operation I must perform in order to make it work successfully.

Thanks and appreciations.

Create a cube, create a sphere, Scale to about 10%(s), select sphere then cube, (you want cube to be light pink) hit Ctrl+P to make cube perant of sphere, go to object buttons(F7) click dupliverts(left most window.)

That should get you started and you can tweak it from there and get the idea.

I am not sure what manual you are speaking of ( there are several versions) but this page from the new online manual seems pretty complete to me:
can you tell me where you are having a problem? If I can I will try to help you through the part that you are having a problem with

Thanks, Fonix. But it didn’t work.

I think I must be doing something wrong, like there’s something I’m supposed to know and don’t do it.

Thanks, Paprmh. I think I’ll need your help.
As a matter of fact that site you gave me is the manual I was talking about. I followed it several times and nothing happened.

This is what I do:

-I make a mesh cube.

-without moving the cursor I make a mesh icosphere and expand it a little.

-I go to Object mode and select the sphere.

-Immediatly I select the cube.

-I then at once press control-P and confirm the option on the pop-up menu.

-I stay in object mode and press F7.

-I click the dupliverts button in the left most window. Nothing happens.

Can you see what I might have done wrong?

Thanks, both of you.

Make sure you exit edit mode (TAB) after creating the cube.

Then add the icosphere.

Select the cube and SHIFT-select the icosphere, CTRL-P, confirm.

Select the icosphere, press F7 and click dupliverts button.



In F7 you also need to go to the Effects Tab and select “New Effect”, click the menu that says “Build” and change it to “Particles”, then in the purple buttons, on the left, give the particles a starting speed by increasing the “Norm” value.


ok, the answers above pretty much cover it (except you don’t always need the particle effect ) but here is a complete walk through just to make it a bit clearer

ok, I am still not sure what exactly you want to do… Let me assume that you want to create a sphere of identical cubes (BTW- the sphere itself will not show in the render)

create a cube (base object-the mesh that gets duplicated and rendered)

exit edit mode

create icosphere (parent mesh - a base object will be created at each vertex but you will not “see” the icosphere in your render)

exit edit mode

select the cube, shift-select the icosphere ( both will now
be pink but the sphere will be a lighter color)) alt-p to parent
the cube to the sphere *[this is actually the only part where the order that you do things is important]

now select the sphere only (parent mesh - think this may be where your prob is…)

f7 to get object buttons - hit dupliverts - you should see a bunch of cubes in a spherical pattern

oh, if this is what you wanted you also had your parenting reversed.

hope this helps - if not let me know

That’s only if you want dupliverts on particles, otherwise it uses vertice location and normal to put the dupliverts.


Right, I read more into the question than was there.


heh, sorry theeth - I was actually editing my post to add the part about not needing the particle effect when you posted…

BTW - in the docs (http://www.blender.org/modules/documentation/htmlI/x9867.html)
just under fig 4 they show the pic of the anim button not the object button - figured it would get fixed faster if I just told you here…

Thanks all of you. I got it. It worked.

And I would assume, that if you did want the sphere to show up, for example, you would simply make an extra one for rendering.

Thanks, again.

Um, can you help me with one more thing.

I was wondering how you model a hand. I’ve looked for tutorials on this, but all I could find was how to animate a hand. Do any of you know how to model a hand?

Thanks, guys.

your welcome,

I think that the hand thing needs a whole new post. In fact I suggest that if you are new here you might want to know that the search button in the upper right corner of this page is your best friend here. It will often get you an answer faster (prob better too) because it may have been posted before

in fact search for: hand model tutorial, click on all, and you will get 24 matches and the 8th one leads you to this:

hope that helps too

BTW - yeah its for another prog - but it does tell you how to model a hand…

Right. A new post. It came to my mind just as before I checked this one.