Explode modifier disappear in render too fast?


I have another problem with particles.

  1. I did “Object A” with reactor particle system start/end on death event with life 600 frames.
  2. Test of die that object works fine, “Object A” explode and fragments still exists next 600 frames.
  3. I prepared boids particle visualised as “Object A” visualisation panel: parents and died buttons active (I tried also without that options). In 3D view window all boids explode and fragments of that boids still exists 600 frames, but on rendered animation fragments disappear after 45 frames.

What am I doing wrong?


I’m trying to do exploding boids.

#1. I have cube with reactor particle system reacting on rain of particles (plane with emmiter). That works

#2. next I insert bellow of “rain plane” next plane with emmiter of boids with cube from #1.

What am I doing wrong?


issuse-exlploding-boids.blend (941 KB)