Explode modifier in game engine (possible?)

Is it possible to make objects explode using the explode modifier (like, upon impact or after taking a specific amount of hits) in the game engine?

Not the explode modifier, but you can have explosions if you try hard enough.

What do you mean? Because what I mean is to make objects shatter upon collisions.

explode modifier not, but i think you may try use add ou replace mesh, but I never tried that ;),
or shapekeys…

I’m going to make a object shatter (glass) tutorial tonight. Here’s my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ethansk8ter?feature=mhee
It’s a lot harder to make objects explode outwards, than just shatter.

I did this in a very tedious way. You take each objects that can explode and you make fragment pieces of it; then on collision you end the main object and add the fragment pieces. If you have one or 2 items that explode its easy but if you have a large number of destructable elements it takes a while to do :frowning:

exactly what I did jaechild

Can you use the explode modifier and use f curves in the Render portion? It would mean the explosion is pre-calculated but you could then use the f curve actuator or Python to control the explosion in teh Game section.

I’ll try your tutorial soon… Thanks by the way for taking time to make this.