explode modifier + physics

Edit: here is a movie animation in hd:

So, I had a project, where I had to build a room. I added a few simple things but at the end I decided to add a “crate of xplosives” in the middle because it was a boring room:

and the crate:

The room took a few hours to make because I wanted it to be geometrically accurate and I was having problems with the soft body modifier(I’m using a 8 year old cheap pc). I also borrowed one texture from the blender material repository for the wood stands at the side of the room. So in the end, it looked very bland and I decided to try out the explode modifier and combine it with physics and particles to make the ultimate exploding cartoony room:):

In the end, I thought it looked awesome so I posted it here. Tell me if you want a blend though, I’d be willing to give you one.
see post #4 for the .blends

Gamma correction would make wonders here

animation would be good too. Nice look tho

Nice, share the .blend please ¡¡

I didn’t show an animated video because the particle effects were not very good, it would take forever, and I thought it was a little lazy and didn’t try to make the particles better. I also don’t know what gamma correction is but I did improve the lights a bit on the gimp. However, I have the blends here:
the original room:
and the exploded room:
keep in mind that in “the original room,” the soft body has not been baked yet.

I don’t like posting In my own thread too get people’s opinion, but did anyone else think it was good?

i wanna see an animation. because it is awesome.

I wish you could actually have proper physics from explode modifier, or some particle setting that sets the particles to bounce around depending on their object display mesh or something…

I tried that. I couldnt figure out a way to make the particles be born on collision. the only way is through the “reactor” setting in particles and I couldnt figure it out.

hey, i went to the download link and it didn’t work, it came up with a screen that told me to upload my files onto the site.

That’s not what I meant, I meant actual rigid body collision from the exploded pieces.

okay, i decided to take the time to upload an animation. it isn’t all that great, but it’s in hd and looks cooler on the 2nd replay or so. Enjoy!

the animation is one of the coolest things I have seen in blender, at least as cool as the first time I saw a water sim.

thanks, you’re probably the first person to say that they are amazed by this. when I showed it to my mom, she looked like she was about to fall asleep. SnitzelKiller, the explode modifier doesn’t really have proper physics, at least if it did I wouldnt know.

im trying to build something similar but i cant figure out how to get the other objects in the scene to react to the explosion
and when i hit p nothing happens :frowning:
any basics i might be missing?

edit: looks pretty cool :slight_smile: