Explode one object into another


I am able to explode an object and I am able to assemble an object. Thing is, I can’t figure out how to get an exploded object to reassemble into a second object.

For example, I want to explode a cube into a cone. I can get the cube to explode into 1000 particles but how to I tell those particles to turn into a cone?

The old slight of hand trick. You need to explode both objects and bake the frames.

On object #2 scale the keyframes in the dopesheet by -1. This will reverse the animation.

So now you have object #1 that starts original and explodes and you have object #2 that start exploded and returns to it original shape.

Just cross fade them in your scene as you see fit.

You may have/want to fade the materials in and out to ease the crossfade. Alternate to a material fade a scale from 0.0 to 1.0 also works to bring in the newly exploded object from nothing to full size.

Another way is to use Keyed particle systems if you don’t mind your exploded parts being the same particle.

the keyed particle system seems most appropriate and I can get the particles to stream into the 2nd object but the 2nd object is always present. How can I get the 2nd object to form from the particles?