Hi all, I have this nagging headache I will love you guys to help me relieve.

I am working on this this project that invloves a car exploding. I need the explosion to start at frame 1000 and finish at frame 1005. When I set the parameters, it does not explode but just crumbles at the most. But when I change the starting and ending frames to anything between 1 and 100, it works fine.

So I am now wondering if there is a limitation on the on theending frame Blender can accommodate. If not, is there something I am doing wrong that some could please correct me about… please

yea, you have to have the explosion start on frame 1.

I have a project I’m working on currently (see “exploding cityscape” elsewhere in Animations) that involves several exploding buildings, and the particle systems that handle the explosions all start at something other than frame 1, anywhere from frame 75 to frame 150. Works fine. Are you using the explode modifier with a particle system to make the car blow up?