Exploding balloon

Any tips on pulling this one off?


what kind of time frame are you speaking of? slow motion? regular speed? a water baloon?

at regular speed a baloon essentially disappears and some parts fly off in random directions.

wait, do you mean a rubber baloon, or mylar? or hot air? or something which tears slowly… tearing and such are difficult things to achieve in blender so a rubber balloon coming apart slowly or those other types are pretty much impossible with blender’s current features.

essentially I haven’t answered your question… [perhaps you can get away with not showing it? face the camera at the sky, have the sound of it popping and then several birds flying from trees… you’ve seen something like that before right?]

Sorry I wasn’t specific. I like the last suggestion you made and tried this technique:

I had the camera pan while the balloon was bombarded by nails. Then the camera passed a pillar as it pops (shaking the camera) and I just had cloth strips fall from the relative position. Hehe, sneaky. Thanks for the help!


how about cutting the mesh with the knife, splitting it with Y, some rvk animation, hitting ‘smooth’ a bunch of times as you set the keys, and a bit of ‘select random’ + alt S, and hooks with ipos for scaling and moving the pieces as they contract.