Exploding CPU's

anyone know what happens when you put 4 volts through a duron clocked at 4ghz and take the heatsink off?

it blows a hole through the motherboard and the table its sitting on!



Pentium 4


requires flash? ick

they went and destroyed better machines than my own??? … NOES!

Holy crap, that’s one hell ofa party trick! Shame you can only do it once…

Looks like a magic trick to me.

I mean, come on! It blew a hole through the table top but the motherboard is still sitting there just fine? I don’t think so.

Exploding computer chips/consoles belong exclusively to the domain of sci-fi movies (like Star Trek).

Star Trek isnt scifi. Its real. :stuck_out_tongue:

it´s real alright. Electronic stuff do explode when the voltage is to high.

But this is the first time I see that CPUs explode. They usually just burn up.

OK, OK, I know that electronics (microchips, capacitors, etc.) can explode.

My point was that they can’t:

  • blow through a table top
  • electocute people or send large metal fragments at them (a la Star Trek)
  • completely fry everything around them
  • any other movie effect you’ve ever seen from exploding electronics

I imagine it would hurt if one of the pieces hit you in the eye. And it can give you a light burn (first degree). But that’s about it.

That table had a hole in it before that chip was fried.

P.S. I don’t know a whole lot about electronics, I admit.

Foo, I have to go.

its not a real table, it doesnt even have real legs, ontop of that the weight of the PSU makes it bend quite a bit. It’s just a cheap piece of MDF, the type you can do the rolf harris sounds with ^^ It looks like one of those DIY/handyman’s fold up worky tables.

wait, you’re saying electronics cant electrocute people :o? Cant send large fragments? errr… you’re not going to live long i can see… aslong as you don’t live in the UK or involved with nuclear stuff then think what you like =)

however, the vid does look fishy, i admit…

I got a bigger kick out of listening to that guy swearing with his thick accent.

[thickaccent]"…we’ll try some f***ing P4…"[/thickaccent]

Now that’s funny!

how often do you get to see something like that none the less. i didnt make them i was just showing them

Incredible how both managed to blow exactly the same hole in the table.

Like down to the edges and everthing.

Those chips must make good shaped charges, hell they even managed to blow a hole through a table whilst flying up into the air!

And those heatsinks resting on the top of the chips will have done f-all to cool them.

It’s like one of those Spot-the-Flaws games. Can anyone find all 30?

What a load of rubbish.


That is just not real.

First thing I noticed was the heat sink & fan. A heatsink only works well if you blow cool air through it and that fan was not on.

The other thing is that cause the fan wasnt on and your overclocking the processor that heatsink would of been way to hot to pick up.

It just didnt look right too “clean” an explosion.

Firecrackers, probably.

Heh heh heh.

The explosion itself might very well have really been the chip exploding. My problem is simply the power it has.

Because I don’t know that much about it, I googled and found this pretty interesting article (which also has a neat MOV video attached of an exploding chip)

They point out that their chips (which are specificially designed to explode [unlike normal chips]) pack about their weight in gunpowder (which isn’t much). Gunpowder in guns works well because of its compressive quality. A chip just can’t have that quality. Your table would have to be made out of thin cardboard for the explosion to go through it. (The article points out that those imagining James Bond stuff with their exploding chips don’t realise that only the chip is destroyed; other hardware inside the computer is not damaged.)

Now I don’t know what kind of hardware or heavy-voltage tesla devices lukus is using, but you won’t find me anywhere near anything that can blow its panel off into little pieces of shrapnel or electrocute me becaues it is improperly grounded.

Also, the only thing in my computer that can electrocute me is the stuff inside the monitor and case that directly connects to the power supply. You just can’t plug little chips up to really high voltages. They melt and fry (and explode).
Even if I were to drop the keyboard into the bathtub with me, I wouldn’t die from voltages. It’s the amps that do me in.

But again, what do I know? Correct me if I’m wrong…

As you can see the CPU doesnt explode from beneth. But rather from the CPU itself.

i will believe them.

1: whoever said the sink had to have a fan running is patently wrong. the specific heat of the metal allows time for the aluminum to take energy without the chip heating essesively. on the p4 one you can see how the heatsink delays the explosion, but not all the way.

2: the break in the chip is not in the core itself, but instead on the backing the chip is mounted on. when this is rapidly heated at a very concentrated point, the chip, it can only crack violently.

3: The table was obviously flimsy, but the chip has no backing, so whatever force is applied to make it go up is applied down on the table. so it punches a hole through it.

that, and there is rammstein playing in the background, which means that it has to be true.

all the way through I thought: “why? why god, why? i could use that processor! I wouldn’t kill it! i promise i will put half of its cycles to fah if you just let me save it from them!”

'nuff said. If it did get hot enough to blow up (which I don’t believe) then it likely fried everything attached. They had two sticks of ram when one would’ve done, they had a seemingly nice videocard, when a 10USD ebay crap card would’ve done, etc. etc. etc.

In fact they had two nicely functioning PCs, and they wasted them like a cheap french hoo…nevermind.

lol… ^^

Anyway, i was only pointing out that electronic devices can explode, it might not actually be the “electronic” part, but more-so the material used. if gun powder was 1000000 time better than silicone, we’d use it i’m sure… but if it got too hot it wont just be the CPU blowing a hole in the table…

As to the videos being real or not - the second one - the moniter isnt even on that time…

Oh, so it’s the casing that explodes? Does the circuitry have anything to do with it or is it just the raw voltage across the material?

the circuitry produces a massive amount of heat, which the case [made of ceramic in this case] can’t withstand

it isn’t always the voltage which kills things

[also, chemical reactions can happen in some components that cause issues]

I was talking to some folk about exploding processors.

And what has happened is quite possible.
The processor transfers most of its heat to the heatsink (depending on how long the pc was on for). When the heatsink was removed the heat couldnt go anywhere and thus the sudden expanding and contracting of the processor caused the explosion.

Making a the processor turing into shrapnel. The hole in the motherboard is also possible with the blast focusing downwards. This also explain why the processor flew upwards.

So you can get an exploding processor.