Exploding Crate

I animated this to test exploding objects with the smoke sim. What do you think?
And does anybody know a good way to get the sound effects of the wood hitting the ground?

It looks really good!!! The camera shake was a nice detail and the sync of the sound is perfect!! I don’t know much about fire and smoke simulation but i would expect the fire and smoke to move in a more circular way (like a mushroom kind of motion ) right know I see it too straight upward… But maybe that’s just me.

Really good job!!

Yes looks very realistic. I only think about fractions\wreckages… Is it the only way that the explode modifier forms them? Every time i use it they seem to me like chocks of parquetry

Nice render and look but those center pieces need to fly away farther. It kind of looks like they lost their velocity halfway through the explosion and just fell down.

Atom, I had to increase the damping on them, that’s why they lose their velocity. But without the damping, the pieces that fly farther away end up sliding really far. I wasn’t able to achieve an in-between of the two. I figured this one looks more realistic than pieces sliding really far.

very nice! I would like the fire and smoke to move in a more circular way