Exploding light bulb

Created this image as a promo for my latest tutorial Creating Depth of Field:



Honest critiques welcome!

great tut too, learned some more about dof, thanks.

Downloaded the blend you put up on the tutorial and rendered it. Im using mac so I don’t know if that is the problem. The render looks nothing like yours.


What version of blender are you using? And did you change anything or just open it and hit render?

I’m using 2.49b. Just pressed render. I’m on a macbook pro Intel dual core. Mac osx 10 32bit.

btw. Great tutorial.

edit: Seems that some of the finished-scene.blend had no values set. The nodes are there but the camera values aren’t there.

edit2: Alright. After I set the camera values it works great.

Here is worse.
Mac OSX 10.5.8 blender 2.49b
Mac pro 8cores (16threads nehalems, 6gb ram)


Very nice tutorial. A couple of suggestions:

  • When you mention “Use DOF,” the viewer might reasonably wonder, "well, if I’ve said that, why do I need to do any of this monkey-business involving nodes?
  • You intentionally show something that can’t be done, and say “If Only.” You need to make that even more clear. Lightly superimpose a “circle with slash through it” overprint on illustrations of the impossible or the incorrect.

You are obviously well-seasoned and make reference to advanced techniques such as node-groups that deserve to be revisited in future tutorials.

@michalis hit alt-a.

@phoenixart I thought Bigbad solved it? You have to set the camera values yourself.

Same problem here, 2.49b / Win7.

Whoops! So sorry. I had no idea the camera values weren’t set. Thanks for the heads up!
I have re-uploaded the finished .blend with the camera values inputted correctly.

Make sure you hit Alt-A to start the shattered glass particle simulation.

When I rendered it it look just like the original

Ubuntu 9.04
intel core 2 duo 3.16GHz
8gigs of RAM