Exploding message

This concept was long time in my brain. I hadn’t modelling skills to do that. Finally its done. Now i need some critique to improve it.

Its really nice model and render, but maybe little bit too clean. I mean everything there is a really perfectly made. In real world it is not possible. :slight_smile:

So i need to add scraches and bumps and other flaws to meshes?
It has dispersion allready (0.010).

The modelling is nice, and I like how the material works on the mesh part, but I agree with ArMan in that you need to add more detail to the rest/other materials. I assume you’ve looked at reference images to see how the texture looks in real life.

Yep, some feel of worn out will add in realism, even if the concept is not meant to be realistic (and it is a good concept, btw). Yet, I’d make the rubber a tiny bit more glossy. Nice image, good lights and DOF. Cycles, I presume.

Yes its Cycles. Thnx for critics.

Nice job !

Very nice render, only thing I am not sure on is the look of the cable.

Just had another look and really like how you created the wire mesh. Can I ask how you created it?

I agree, very nice, but the cable look more ruberry than plastic - and even though there are that kinda cables, they are mostly more plastic-looking. Mostly. But otherwise vere nice, would be a fitting image in any audio hardware catalog. :slight_smile:

wire-mesh was pain in the a** :smiley: its curves later converted to mesh.

You know, I’m really just not a member of the “dirt and scratches fixes a shot” club. :ba: If I’m a professional photographer doing a product shot, I’m probably going to spend more time cleaning The Product than I’ll spend doing just about anything and everything else. I’m going to very carefully go through a box-ful of Product to select one that is a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y perfect. Nothing less will do.

The thing that bothers me about this The Product placement right now is “that thingamabobby” that’s in front of the thing – whatever it is that’s blocking my view of the cylinder of the microphone. It just doesn’t feel right. It’s getting in the way. I want to carefully reach my hand around from behind the ground-glass of my 4x5 and ever-so-slightly tweak, say, the Z-axis rotation of the whole thing. The OpenGL preview-render capability of Blender is a great tool here.

Your shot might also work just a little bit better if the background space was not totally black everywhere. There’s a fair amount of screen-space around ten o’clock that’s not doing anything. Maybe give the floor just a bit of matte shine. (Think “crushed black velvet.” I’ve got a big sheet of the stuff that I can lend you. :wink: ) Put a soft-focused back board (outside of the very-limited depth of field of the camera) that’s maybe a dark neutral gray with an ever-so-slight left to right darkening gradient to cheaply suggest depth.