Exploding objects....

Hi guys and girls,

I want to make an animation with balls off glass that explodes in lots of tiny pieces. Does anyone knows if it’s possible to make something like that within blender. I don’t want to animate it all by hand so I’m looking for a simulation solution.



Ha. Perfect timing!

you can download a newer version patched with the explode modifier. I think this is exactly what you are looking for.


(Im assuming you use windows :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, Information on how to use it:


cool thanks!
Will try it emediatly!


I get these yellow trails is this caused by the particles or is this caused by the modifier. I want to get rid of it. Is that possible?


does anyone know how to get rid of the particle trails???
BTW nice modifier. Works straight on but it seems to cut the model in to pieces in a very systematic way. That is, from top to bottom. First two the half size of the model, second two a quarter of the model, third two a eight of the model, etc.,etc…

i haven’t tried it yet, but my guess would be to set the particle material to all alpha, so a simple material with alpha slider at 0

This would be GREAT If I knew how to compile blender. My C skills are modest at best. I think I MAY be able to do a “hello world” program. Anyway this could be turned into a python script?

how do I get a more random explosion???

Aw man,this is perfect.I’ve been trying to get JMS’s Explode.py to work but it’s a bit to confusing for me,but this new Modifyer is excelent.
Thank’s [email protected] for the links.

The only problem i’m having is the particals.How do i hide them?
here’s a test.
or here

Try adding a new halo material to the mesh and setting the alpha to 0, then put that on the particle system?

To make it more random, just add random value. And to make it more explody, set end frame 1 or 2 frames after the start frame.

Hi again
Has anyone found a solution to get rid of the particals from showing while Exploding a mesh?
I followed the tutorial
and i also clicked on The Unborn botton in the partical settings,but they still render in my animation.
Any help would be very apreciated.
Thanks in advance.

phlip already answered that one. it’s not exactly elegant, but it’s what works.

Set the Halo size to 0(zero).


Is there a build for this for OSX? if so, could somebody post me a link? Or maybe point me to a tutorial on how to compile the source. (I’m sooo not a programmer)



Thanx Giba & [email protected] for the quick reply’s.I did what you guys sudgested but it still a no go.Now the mesh is just a bunch of Halos.Maybe i’m doing something wrong.
Can you i give a step by step of what you guys are sudgesting.My brain seems to be in Stupid Mode :slight_smile:

Thanx in advance…