Exploding Water

just playing around with softbodies. c&c appreciated.


one word: Stargate.

Tweak it, and it will be one of the best stargate things out there.
Good luck!

Blend in the face of danger.

Heya, I agree with Striker on this it would make a great stargate “kawoosh” effect. I have been trying for a while to get this effect working with my stargate model and make it look good for a little vfx test movie but my results have been terrible lol I cant seem to get that really nice billowing effect.

This is really nice I would be interested to see the updates on this and possibly if you have the time you could share your technique with the community? As I am sure there are other stargate Blender-ers out there who would appreciate this.

Nice Work, good luck!

tweaked it a bit and im rendering another animation of it atm.

should be able to write up a small tutorial for it. alot of it was random guess work and trail and error so the tut might be a bit vague, but you should still get the general idea behind it.

should be able to get the latest animation and the tut up within a few hours as long as i dont get interupted by family. it is christmas day over here but thankfully my family’s buddhist/athiest, a free public holiday with none of the work required! :smiley:

anyone know any sites i could host the tut?

its crashed 4 times since my last post.

rendering parts of the animation as jpg and continuing from where it left off doesnt work since the softbody position doesnt seem to be saved and it just starts moving again from the default position instead of from where it should be halfway through the animation.

Thats a pretty good idea for the StarGate.
I tried to simulate it but it’s not that great.I also used the water plug-in to help give it a swirlly look.


I think you need to animate the flow outward from the center of the explosion (aswell as the propigation outward). It’s not only growing in size but moving outward from the center. Like the spray from the end of water hose turn up vertically (or fountain). This image would be turned horizontally of course (Stargete)

If your doing the Warmhole effect from Stargate?? Thie flow outward is somewhat constant througout the effect (even though it collapses in height (when stable). A particle emitter should do that for you.