Explorer's in Storm


(mariotti) #1

A little study about scifi ambiance.

(ronin19587) #2

Awesome work, wonderful details!


that´s realy cool.

(rombout) #4

Wow what a monster!

(Toka) #5

This is wonderful and really inspires the imagination. With huge wheels like that this must be designed to traverse some really extreme landscapes. You can just imagine it climbing over huge oversize boulders and down the sides of unimaginable gigantic valleys and canyons.

Perhaps they are about to embark on a survey of Valles Marineris on Mars. ? The colors of the sky and desert look Martian for sure. Deep down in the valley they discover something they never expected. Something too small and subtle to ever spotted from any of the orbital surveys. Something that possibly puts all our previous ideas about our place alone in the solar system into doubt. Or could it just be a freak accident of Martian geology ?

They bring something back. A part that is small enough for two people in bulky Mars suits to carry. An artifact of some kind. Or is it a natural formation ? A carving ? An ancient fossil ? How did it get there and why ? It gives everyone the creeps. Whatever it is. The shape and formation of it is deeply disturbing in some way.

A huge Martian sand storm is approaching. It’s expected to last several days and the crew are advised to sit tight at the bottom of the valley sheltered in a deep crevice until it has passed. Then communication from Earth cuts out. A combination of the storm and the deep terrain they are in. In the growing isolation and lack of visibility it’s difficult for the imagination not to run wild. And the sounds of the storm can play very odd tricks on the mind.

(mariotti) #6

thx Toka ! you have a big imagination to write the story of this picture Nice text !

(Machigan) #7

Great level of detail! I love the composition too.

(rombout) #8


Sweet! sort of reminds of that moview where they take that little single cell organism on board and it transform to a living monster inside their ship. Cant recall the name…

I meant the movie “Life” :slight_smile:

(Toka) #9

Hey ! :o

A Saturday afternoon coffee fueled fever dream mash up of Alien and Arthur C Clark’s story The Sentinel. And a splashing of 70’s gothic era Doctor Who. But lets face it. We all love the old tropes. And they will never really get old. Just re told in different ways.

But actually we don’t know yet where this one will go. Perhaps it’s just a harmless bit of Mars rock and the story becomes a sitcom of wacky Mars explorers shut up too long in their big wheeled rig.

Such a wonderfully evocative image. I’ll leave it to others to continue the story. :wink:

(korsu) #10

So massive work was done. Reminds some star citizen game environment.

(mariotti) #11

Yes a other picture and short travelling come very soon, same topics but not the same place, a really strange artefact…perhaps a door on fire moon.

(m2h2team) #12

wow very nice!

(shadowphile) #13

this is way better than anything I can do but wouldn’t something at this scale and distance from the camera all be in focus? DOF effects are only realistic for closeup objects. not accounting for artistic license of course.

(mariotti) #14

For me artistic first ! but you right about Dof Effect in realistic closeup scene.

(Photox) #15

Great work, really creative and terrific mood.

(Dking293) #16

I am curious as to how long it took you to create this. the render time and the modeling time.

awsome work. some of these days I will be able to create artworks like this.

(Vafdaf12) #17

Wow! Great Stuff! If this is a study, I very much want to see a final artwork!

I see that you are using depth of field in your image. If you are trying to make the vehicle look big, try and keep the depth of field to a minimum, unless of course small is what you were going for.

Other than that, Its AWESOME!:yes:

(matbrady) #18

Mindblowing. I love the scale! Tremendous stuff and shows real imagination. Well done! :smiley: