Explosion Animation

I’m making a game, and i have a problem.
For explosion i’m using a single plane with animation enabled.
The problem is that explosion is animated all the time in the background(on not visible layer) and when it is appering it is not animating from the first frame, is there a way to fix this?
You can look on it on this film:

Have you tried using the edit object / add object actuator?

I’m sure that’s what he’s doing, the problem is he needs a way to tell the animation when to stop and start. It seems they start immediately and loop for eternity. Yes, the cake is a lie!!!

If you know a little Python, my Sprite method would work. Check it out here: 2D Sprites

What about game speed? Is it slowing down when i will have a lot of this explosions done by this script?

It shouldn’t slow down too much - you probably could have upwards of 50 onscreen without slow-down. You can do a benchmark by just spawning explosions, and seeing where the FPS starts to dip.