explosion example

Hey all,

i found this file “realistic fire” made by Aiden John Sibley aka Raiderium Neo
and edited it to look like an explosion.

Made in 2.49. Use LMB (left mouse button) to fire.

Enjoy and tell me what you think of it :slight_smile:

Edit: Also works in 2.5x


realistic explosion.blend.zip (1.93 MB)

Cool thanks a lot.

ur welcome :slight_smile:

i also use it in my current project but feel free to use it.
MOAR explosions !! hehe :slight_smile:

Nice effect but
I don’t really get it i am trying to make this but does not work, Can you please make a tutorial???

look for Raiderium, he’s the one who made the inittial thing :slight_smile:

Bassically, the explosion is made by adding a few “halo planes” with spark textures on them. Multiple planes of this type which start to grow and move at the beginning of the explosion is what composes the entire thing… (press 1,2,3 while in Object mode to see the other objects (layer toggling))

I already know all that i mean how did he make it so it will like become invisible.

ask him :slight_smile:


(remove the 12 stars by hand in notepad and copy it in your browser)


in order to make the plane invisible you need to set an ipo to the alpha channel.

  1. make sure you have ObColor (in materials tab) selected.

  2. goto the Ipo Curve Editor

  3. select (LMB) ColA

  4. hold Ctrl and left click to set a key. 1.0 is visible, 0 is not visible and everything in between is… well in between :slight_smile:

  5. you can now create an ipo animation for the alpha channel as you wish

As example i have added this .blend file, hope it helps :wink:


alpha_ipo.blend (1.27 MB)