explosion help

for some reason when i use blender 2.49 the explode modifier doesnt work. i set the particles, they work fine, then i add an explode modifier and all it does is the particles. any help?

yeah i ran into the same problem when i first used the explode modifier, in the particle buttons, make sure that in the modifier tab that the particle system is above the explode modifier.

o ok. ive been putting the explode above the particle modifier. i just got another prob tho. the particles aren’t working. the emitter is a halo so I hide it behind something, out of the camera view, then it moves into view for the explosion and the particles start emitting where it was originally.

ok, new problem. if the emitter starts anywhere after the first frame (i need it at frame 266) the the particles dont follow the normal. they just appear on the uvsphere and then disappear… any help?

ok i experimented and discovered that after 250 frames the particles stop moving. is there anyway to fix this??