Explosion IPO Help?

Hi I’m animating a Rubik’s cube to explode like in those PS3 ads. The problem is that I want to the whole explosion to happen in about 3-4 seconds From the explosion until the pieces come to rest. But when I bake the exploding part of the animation it comes to about 7-8 seconds. It’ is very slow, a lot slower when I press the “P” key (I am using Bullet for this). After I press the “P” key it perfect about (4 seconds) but when it bakes it is very slow.The total explosion sequence is in 100 frames divided by 25 is about 4 seconds. Right? Or am I missing something? Anyone?

You can scale the baked animation in the ipo curve editor, or–more easily, cause you can use the frame cursor as a center–in the action editor.