Explosion not showing up on render


I am working on a space scene, and I added an explosion.
The explosion consist of fire only, no smoke, and shows up in the viewport fine, solid as well as rendered.
But when I actually render the image, the fire does not show up.
I found out that a lot of people experience this problem, but I could not find a solution for my problem online.
I am using cycles, Blender version 2.76 and CPU rendering.
My .blend file is to big to be uploaded to this site, so I tried it via Drive. Please let me know if this works.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Your file is protected, and cannot be accesed change the google drive permissions

I changed some settings, now it should work:

In the outliner, you have disabled render visibility (the camera icon) for the domain. Click the camera so it is not grayed out.

Well that stupid.
Now it works fine, thanks