explosion of an emiter object

So I have an object that explodes then emits, then I bake and the openGL is pretty impresive, but the GPU crashes in render and the CPU goes so slow it isn’t even feasible to use in animation. Outside of rendering openGL over my animation I don’t know what to do except something different. PS, I have changed the registry so lengthen time-outs of the GPU. I am using a 6 core AMD FX with a nvidea 740. i’m wondering if a 980 will make a difference.

Maybe sheep-it is an answer to your solution.

Upload limit is 500 mb filesize. Anything below that should be fine.

Ya I have over 200,000 credits with sheep it but the bake alone is over 2 gigs, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be the only one with this problem, but I’ll give it a try probably today. I might try it without the bake buuut ya.

did not render smoke in sheep it.