Explosion/Smoke trail tute (lil updated)

(blengine) #1


sort of :wink:
its the reference file to the above explosion scene…
its just like a tutorial, just copy all the settings =)
i wrote a read me as well that explains some stuff and what to do…
its all in the zip if your interested =)

a different mesh gave a better result =)
feel free to use this file any way you want to

http://www.spevack.net/blengine/explosion.zip (-90KB-)


(pofo) #2

Thanks alot

  1. pofo

(ectizen) #3

NOW you tell us!

I wish I had that a couple of days ago :wink:

(olaf) #4

Hello imgranpaboy,

thank you very much for that tute man, i like the stuff you made. The renderings I’ve seen from you are so beautifull and they all have a very professional touch.
What about your Video-Tutes ? Please send an E-Mail to me and we can
handle the modalities.

Bye, Olaf.

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“i dream in mesh”

(bmax) #6

nice picture, grandpa :wink: !!!