Explosion with chunks?

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I’m trying to find a tutorial that shows how to do an explosion, where it looks as if the pieces of the object that gets blown up are coming towards the viewer? That is you can see the fragments of the object as they are moving from the center of the explosion.

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Centralsource has some excellent sample files for you to check-out…
Have you scanned the list of tutorial links in this forum?


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Thanks for the reply. Yes I have looked at the tuts listed at the top of this page.

The effect I’m looking for is as follows. Lets say your eyes are the camera. When an object explodes (the instant the explosion starts) if time was slowed way down you would see the object start to break apart. A few milliseconds later the fragments of the object would start speeding towards you, getting larger and larger. I have done this with 3dsmax (although not very well) so I was just wondering if it could be done in blender.


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The plugin was released recently, check the python forum for download and explanations on how to set it up. It has object fragmentation and explosion capability. this combined with some particle effect would be very cool.

Of course, you could animate it manually with vertex Keys… But that would be a major pain.

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thanks for the help :smiley: