It needs something not sure what


c&c welcome

:smiley: I like you you used metaballs for the explosion!

yep meatballs they looked the best for this scene. If you see anything wrong or something missing please tell me it just doesnt seem done.

subsurf the bike and add a cloud texture with heavy nor to the fire - nice work! :wink:

the bike is subsurf 3 times and I will try that cloud texture

Unless the road is supposed to be made of something like fiberglass it looks a but too shiny and flat to be considered good texturing, and the explosion could use a little spreading out on the walls and the road or bowing inward at the walls like it would natrually do.

ok i will try turning the spec down i wanted a wetish effect for the road that was why it was shiny and as far as the road being flat its a not a hill so im leaving it flat.

usually a road is a little bumpy because of the apshalt on the road unless it was just paved, and though it’s supposed to be wet it looks more like ice then water.

i fixed the spec and as far as the road i guess it was just paved 8)

you need a seam between the glass and the vehicle, and some shadows. otherwise, looks good.

You’re right, no shadows, just fix a shadow only spot or area light in the explosion pointing down the tunnel for a good shadow effect for that situation.

good points it does need a seam and i will put in some shadows

very cool. it looks like it needs to be raised up a bit though. the wheels are sinking into the pavement.

I fixed it up and I am going to post a new thread with a poll with some different angles.

to me it looks like water with a fire look but thats jsut me it is good very good might want to make the fire shall i say “spit” out flames if you know what i mean

I know what you mean. I cant get it to look good that way though. Go look at the updated image with the poll.