i couldn’t participate in the anim challenge this time around, since i won the last one. i should add i was the only serious entry :stuck_out_tongue: anyway in the spirit of this weeks theme ( catastrophe ), i made this explosion. there is no catastrophe causing it, just your basic unexplained explosion with debris chunk. if any particle masters have some advice on how it could be improved i would appreciate it. it’s only 175 kbs, ( divX ) so very dial-up friendly.

Not bad.

The shockwave seems to dissepate a little too quickly. Maybe make it last a little longer, or have it fade out instead of just dissapearing.

The start of the cloud could be brighter and stay brighter/white at the base for a bit and then gradually soften to an oragne/red and then to the black. Seems to be too quick of a transition.

The rest looks good.