Hi all,
Anybody knows how to explode a mesh object in blender 2.4 ?

not that easy task,

timing is important and physics. you can use a particle system for rotating and flying derbies. do you know that site with many blender paricle explosions? it has some great references/examples!

and make it short!


U talk of a site with great explosions but give no reference to the site man.

Yes I know this site.I think it has sample for fluid, fire,etc…But what I want to achieve is to explode a mesh not the effect of halo etc…and all the piece fall on a plane which has deflection apply to it.

so you’re talking about a feature like the PArray explosions in 3dsMax? well jms wrote an explode script, although I couldn’t get it to work


and here’s the explosions page everyone was talking about

Yes like parray-blast in 3ds max.Seem like this feature has been in blender in the modifier panel.