After a pain of searching the web (without luck), I decided to try to make an in-game explosion to my game project, by my self.

It turned out; acceptable, for a first try. But I would like to hear what you guys have to say about it. Or do you guys know some tutorial for in-game explosions and smoke effects?

Here´s the .blend file, press “Space” in-game to explode!:


And I know, I have not added any ground destruction effects, yet!

The upward pillar of smoke is just a bunch of planes with the mask on it, doesn’t look like smoke.

I almost felt from my chair, the speaker was pretty high and I didn’t expected the sound :spin:
For me the quality is very good, just 2 problems: you can’t see nothing from the top view and the sound of the explosions don’t overlap… but the quality still good for me :slight_smile:

Well rvngizswt your right, the top view is a problem. But the explosion is made to only be seen from the players camera (it tracks to the camera). Like when you trow a handgrenade or something like that.

I just couldn’t find out anything about volumetric explosions in-game.

No sound for me :confused:

strange, there should be! Make sure you got all soundapps set right.

the link leads to an empty untitled page for me. Do i need to do something? Whats going on, i really wanna see this explosion. please help :o.

If you have Google Chrome, the download will start auto, but if you got Internet Explorer there looks to be a problem with the link!

If you got IE try this link: http://cid-658757f182f693fb.office.live.com/self.aspx/Free%20.blend/Explosion.blend

Just press on the white file icon to start download!