hey im making some space animations and i want to make things explode i saw some cool ones on youtube but they look like they are using the game sim riged bodies n stuff i am not realy to keen on that part any one have a link or tutorial for it ? i cant find any i want to make things shater and appear to epload apart

you can use the explode modifier found in SVN, here’s a tutorial: http://users.xplornet.com/~gimble/blender/tutorials/jahka/explode/explode.htm and here is where to get SVN (step by step tutorial!): http://www.alienhelpdesk.com/tutorials/build_your_blender

oh man i will have to wait till my day off for that lol anyway to download a copy of the updated blender without compiling it myself? im not to keen with programing and the like? if not i will have to go it ahead and figure it out tomarow lol